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At Alexander & Associates, we know that family and criminal law are some of the most personal and emotionally charged areas in the legal profession. Matters involving divorce, custody, visitation, and property division can spark a variety of emotions ranging from heartache, to feelings of uncertainty, to outright vengefulness. Clients need strong support through periods that can be highly emotional, requiring calm and reasoned decision-making. It is important to have a compassionate advocate working on your behalf to explain your rights and obligations and to protect your interests during this most difficult time.

Additionally, being arrested for a criminal offense doesn’t have to be a devastating experience. Even though a suspension of your right to drive, being placed on deferred probation, or even being convicted of a criminal offense can lead to problems with employment, grave financial consequences, increased insurance costs, marital problems, and loss of reputation, many criminal cases in Texas can be successfully defended by an experienced attorney.

At Alexander & Associates, every member of our dedicated team is committed to fighting to protect our clients’ interests and their futures, no matter what the particulars of their case happen to be. Click below to learn more about our experienced team and what we can bring to your case.


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