Texas Lawmakers Urged to Consider Permanent Sobriety Checkpoints

A recent legislative session in the Texas capitol saw San Antonio police Deputy Chief Anthony Trevino urging legislators to consider adopting permanent DWI sobriety checkpoints in various locations throughout the state. Trevino argued that, by targeting locations known to be “hot-spots” for drunk driving, law enforcement officials might be able to help crack down on the number of drivers who engage in this type of behavior and help reduce auto fatalities in the state.

While no legislation has currently been proposed to establish a legal basis for this type of extension of police authority, the fact that the proposal is being heard at all by state legislators should serve as a reminder of the importance of having an attorney in this type of circumstance. Law enforcement agencies throughout the state will go to whatever means may be necessary to secure a DWI conviction. An experienced Lewisville criminal lawyer can help to protect the rights of those accused of this crime.