Gay Dallas Couple – J.B. and H.B. – Still Cannot Divorce

Divorce proceedings for Dallas gay couple, “J.B.” and “H.B” remain at a standstill. Four years ago when J.B. petitioned to amicably dissolve their 2006 Massachusetts marriage, Republican Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott argued that the Texas constitutional amendment bans same-sex marriage and the granting of gay divorces.

State District Judge Tena Callahan, a Dallas Democrat, on the other hand ruled that the state’s marriage amendment is unconstitutional and, therefore, was willing to hear J.B.’s petition.

An all-Republican panel of the 5th District Court of Appeals reversed Callahan’s decision and ruled in favor of Abbott’s appeal. J.B. appealed the case to the Texas Supreme Court, where it has remained in limbo since March of 2011.

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