Same-sex divorce in Texas

Same-sex couples who got married in other states but are currently residing in Texas are confused as to how they can get divorced in Texas if it does not even recognize their union as legal.

Currently, the Texas Supreme Court is facing a case in which a same-sex married couple is seeking a divorce. Attorney General Greg Abbott, with regards to this particular case, said that Texas lawyers and courts don’t have the power to handle the divorce proceedings of same-sex marriages as the state doesn’t even recognize said marriages as valid. As a result, he states that the way in which same-sex divorces must be handled in Texas is to void them.

Many people seeking such a divorce are afraid that they might be charged with bigamy if they try to remarry in other states, as Texas’s ruling that the marriage is void may not be recognized; however, according to the defense of marriage act (DOMA), states have to recognize the rulings passed by other states, making this concern invalid.

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