Court martial for Air Force airman responsible of child neglect begins

The court-martial for a Dyess Air Force Base airman who allegedly neglected a toddler under his care, which resulted in the toddler’s death, started Tuesday, October 15 with pretrial motions.

Military spokeswoman First Lieutenant Nicole Ferrara said the jury selection is next in the process of the trial against Christopher Perez, who is facing charges of dereliction of duty, child endangerment, and adultery.

Perez was living with Tiffany Klapheke, wife of fellow airman Thomas Klapheke, during the time of the alleged offenses. According to Tiffany Klapheke, she wasn’t able to take care of the children well, leading to the death of her 22-month-old daughter due to malnutrition in August 2012, because her husband’s deployment made her stressed.

Thomas Klapheke divorced his wife upon return.

The defense of Perez’s attorneys was he wasn’t guilty of neglecting the children as he did not have much control over their care.

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