Mother who took her children from their legal guardian arrested

A date for court proceedings has been set for 33-year-old Westland, Texas resident Christie Hope-Erwin Clancy after law enforcement authorities arrested her in December for fleeing the state with her two young children in August and refusing to return them to their legal guardian, the children’s father. Clancy will be tried on April 7 on a misdemeanor count of unlawful retention of a child by a parent in a Texas circuit court.

According to investigations by the local police, the day before she was supposed to return her children to their father, Clancy packed their bags, loaded them into her van, and drove to Saranac Lake in upstate New York with the children, where she was found by the Texas police. The children were then promptly returned to their father.

Clancy’s children, a four-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy, legally should be in the custody of Clancy’s ex-husband, a man who resides in Texas.

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