Waco ISD board member owes over $45,000 in child support

Forty-two-year-old Colbert Murphy, who had been elected on Saturday, May 10 to the Waco, Texas Independent School District board, was found to have an outstanding debt of $45,000 in child support fees owed to Sartisse Washington, a woman he had an affair with 19 years ago, WacoTrib.com reported on May 14.

Murphy responded that his position and his personal life are completely separate entities, that “my issue with the attorney general’s office has nothing to do with my position on the school board.” He claimed that his personal issues will not affect his performance serving as a school board official.

The attorney general’s office placed a lien on Murphy’s assets in July 2013 amounting to $43,238 which has grown in arrears to $45,055, records from the county court showed.

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