Divorce celebrations a rising trend

Divorce parties have become an interesting way to put a positive spin on an often emotional and life-changing event, the Wisconsin State Journal reported on June 18.

Event planners, lawyers, academics, and bakers have attested to the rise of these incidents, noting that these celebrations often feature cakes with weapon-wielding brides as decorations or sport black frosting decoration. Carl’s Cakes and Market Street Diner general manager Deb Riphahn said the cakes they feature in the shop are either choc-full of dark themes, like murder, or represent themes of freedom, with cakes reading “just divorced” instead of “just married,” or “free at last.”

Golden Gate University marketing professor Michal Ann Strahilevitz said this recent trend is part of a larger movement of Americans celebrating every facet of their lives, good or bad. This includes a rise in coming out parties, cancer-free celebrations, or pet birthdays.

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