Paula Patton files for divorce from Robin Thicke

Thirty-seven-year-old singer-songwriter Robin Thicke received a divorce petition from his wife, 38-year-old actress Paula Patton, after being separated from each other for eight months, CNN reported on October 9.

The divorce petition was filed in Los Angeles and cited “irreconcilable differences,” as the reason for the petition.

Thicke made several public apologies to Patton prior to the filing of the divorce petition and even released a seventh studio album on June 30 titled Paula, an album that served as a tribute to his estranged wife. One single was even entitled, “Get Her Back.”

Thicke and Patton had known and dated each other since they were teenagers and eventually got married in 2005. They publicly announced their split and their decision to co-parent their four-year-old son Julian Fuego in February.

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