Florida Rep. Alan Grayson seeks custody of his four children

In papers filed during the last week of May in a Florida divorce court, U.S. Florida representative Alan Mark Grayson asked for permission to get child custody of his four children, aged 10-16, due to his former spouse’s “bizarre, aggressive, and inappropriate” behavior, the Daily Mail reported on June 2.

In a divorce filing in May, Lolita Grayson noted that both she and Alan had accumulated significant wealth during their 29 years of being together and 24 years of marriage. Lolita Grayson requested alimony, as she is a stay at home mother and could not cover her expenses without support.

In a separate court filing made by Alan Grayson during the last week of May, he asked permission from the court to allow him to obtain his possessions from the house he formerly shared with Lolita without prior notice, and for the incident to be videotaped while he was accompanied by police officers.

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