Driver charged after Texas motorcycle accident

Assault-related charges were recently filed against a driver in Texas after he swerved into a passing motorcycle occupied by two people on October 17.

Sixty-eight year old William Crum is now facing at least two counts of aggravated assault after an October 17 incident in the Granbury area in which he swerved his vehicle and struck a passing motorcycle driven by Eric Sanders. Sanders and his female passenger were both thrown from the motorcycle after they were sideswiped. Both were taken to the hospital for their injures, and the female passenger was listed in critical condition.

Crum, who was taken into custody on October 19, argued that an insect stung him on the leg before the accident occurred, leading him to swerve, and that he had no intention of causing the accident.

Sanders received a citation as a result of his attempt to illegally pass Crum on the two-lane road.

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