Man facing murder charges after six people were found dead near his Dallas property

A man in rural Texas is facing murder charges in Anderson County after six people were found dead near his property, a New York Daily News article reported on November 17.

Authorities arrested 33-year-old William Hudson after deputies found at least four bodies in a pond at the back of Hudson’s house on November 16. Authorities reported to the scene of the homicide after they were initially notified of a shooting incident along County Road 2217; they found two deceased victims there. The Sheriff’s Office did not release the identities of the persons killed.

Investigators are still working to determine the motivation for the killings and the causes of each death. Hudson was held on a $2.5 million bond; he has recently dealt with assault charges, though this crime marks the bloodiest ever reported in Anderson County.

Family members identified the victims as Hannah Johnson, her boyfriend Thomas Kamp, two of Kamp’s children, Johnson’s son, and Johnson’s father. Hannah’s mother, Cynthia, survived the attack and reported the incident to police.