Rock star Wes Scantlin charged with vandalism in Hollywood Hills

Charges including vandalism were recently filed against Puddle of Mudd front man Wes Scantlin after he was accused of trashing a Hollywood Hills home that he once owned, according to a Rolling Stone article from January 10.

Scantlin and two other unidentified men were taken into custody on January 2 after they reportedly entered the house and destroyed property. The home had once belonged to Scantlin, but it had recently entered into foreclosure. Among the items damaged in the incident were several pieces of electronic equipment and surveillance cameras. Scantlin also allegedly broke a window with a hatchet at some point in the incident.

Scantlin was later released from custody after posting a bail of $26,000. Weeks before this most recent arrest, Scantlin was also taken into custody in Beverly Hills for drug possession.

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