Rap artist “Twista” busted in Porter County for concealing marijuana

Chicago-based rap artist, Carl Terrell Mitchell a.k.a. “Twista”, was among the four individuals recently arrested in Porter County, Indiana, for suspicions of marijuana possession, an article of the Chicago Tribune reported on March 25.

Reports stated, on March 24 at about 10:15 PM, the 42-year-old rapper and three other men were on their way to a concert at a music venue in South Haven when their vehicle was seen tailgating a truck on U.S. 6. Apprehending officer, Corporal Paul Czupryn, detected marijuana odor coming from inside the vehicle. Though Twista and the three others denied the allegation, police recovered about a half ounce of marijuana concealed in a “fake can” inside their vehicle. Upon arrest, a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge was filed against them. The four persons were later discharged from Porter County Jail after posting a $500 cash bond.

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