Parents who are behind in child support payments will be denied vehicle registration renewals in Texas

Beginning December 2016, vehicle registrations will be cross-checked with child support records – parents who have missed as much as six consecutive months of child support payments won’t be allowed to renew their vehicle registrations, Texas Attorney General’s Office’s child support division spokeswoman Jance Rolfe said.

Despite welcoming efforts to collect child support debts, there are parties who are doubting the new plan to tie court-ordered payments to vehicle registration renewals, such as local tax assessor-collectors who are anxious that they will get the lion’s share of the blame for denied registrations.

In a statement, Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector Mike Sullivan said, “This is an administrative office. We are now being directed to act as enforcement for the Texas Attorney General and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and that concerns me.”

Sullivan added that there can be instances of longer vehicle registration wait times and more people driving without valid registrations as a result of the new ordinance.

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