Philadelphia Eagles player apprehended for firearm possession in Florida

Nigel Bradham, a football player for the Philadelphia Eagles, was recently taken into custody in Florida due to allegations that a firearm was in his possession while at the airport, an article of reported on October 3.

The Miami-Dade authorities confirmed the arrest of the 27-year-old linebacker after airport authorities found a loaded gun inside his backpack. Bradham was at the Miami International Airport on October 2 when the gun inside his bag was detected by an x-ray machine. Though Bradham claimed that he just forgot the firearm and did not have the intention of bringing it with him, police still arrested him. Bradham’s team did not issue a comment regarding the incident, but they said that they are aware of his arrest and they are cooperating with proper authorities. Reports revealed that Bradham was also arrested in July due to an assault-related incident.

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