Court overturns approved $416M divorce of Galveston couple

A judge in Galveston, Texas ruled two years ago that Winnie Stacey Alwazzan should receive $416 million in her divorce from estranged husband Isa Alwazzan, a legal notice recently published in the Galveston Daily News showed.

The divorce was so quiet that there is a possibility that even Isa did not know of it, Winnie said. Isa has lived in the Kingdom of Bahrain for the past several years. In early 2016, Winnie’s attorneys tried to freeze almost $4 million from the proceeds of Isa’s family company, which is based in Bahrain. This move caused their divorce case to be dismissed this year, especially due to motions forwarded by Isa’s attorneys that Winnie had been court-shopping.

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