Jim Bob, Michelle Duggar divorce rumors

Due to a committed display of Christian family values, a Duggar divorce may have seemed impossible just over a year and a half ago. However, the Duggar tower of morality is starting to show its cracks, which began with 28-year-old Josh Duggar’s multiple sex scandals, which should never have happened had he been practicing what he preaches.

Earlier in November, alongside discussion about the couple’s poor choice in handling their son Josh’s assault of his sisters, rumors of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar divorcing had begun circulating around various social media. Instead of reporting Josh to the proper authorities, the couple chose to hide the secret in their home and many speculate that this was detrimental.

Upon discovery of his crimes, Josh was sent to a faith-based rehabilitation center. The same method was applied to Josh after the public learned that he had cheated on his wife, Anna Keller Duggar.

Amid these controversies, the Duggar family managed to get signed on to star in another reality television series, Counting On, in 2015. However, the show was canceled due to low ratings and due to the fact that advertisers threatened to cut their ties with Silver Spring, Maryland-based cable and satellite television network TLC if the show continued to be on the air.

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