Bill seeks to make it tougher and more expensive to get divorced in Texas

Texas State Representative Matt Krause filed a bill that seeks to deter divorce in Texas by making it more time-consuming and expensive. Supposedly, the bill seeking to end the no-fault divorce option is meant to encourage couples to try harder to get their marriages to work and to protect the family unit.

After filing the bill, Krause said, “Marriage has been devalued over the past decades,” noting he thinks this trend is because of the presence of the no-fault option in divorces, which became legal in Texas in the 1970’s. “We’ve found that the current law has not produced the benefits it intended,” Krause said, referencing a report from the Heritage Foundation that showed children who were raised by married parents often benefit more than their counterparts who were raised by split parents.

However, many people disagree with the meaning of these statistics. For instance, domestic violence awareness organization PEACE Initiative Director Patricia Castillo said, “Living in an abusive home, even if it’s just two or three years, can do irreparable damage to a child.” She added that lawmakers who want to keep children in that environment “are either in denial or simply ignorant.”

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