Opposing views about no-fault divorce in Texas

Under the state law of Texas, married couples are allowed the option of undergoing a no-fault divorce to split amicably if they have no hope or reasonable expectation of ever reconciling. However, State Representative Matt Krause is hoping he can change things during the 85th Legislative Session, which started on Tuesday, January 10.

In an interview with the Star-Telegram, Krause said, “I don’t know if we don’t take our vows as seriously as we used to, but I think getting rid of the no-fault divorce piece of this may make folks concentrate on this a little harder before they enter into that relationship, or stick it out to where they can restore the relationship and the tough times in marriage.”

However, other legislators disagree with Krause. State Representative DeWayne Burns said “What we really need, instead of more laws, is for more people to be a living testimony to the importance of marriage as a cornerstone of our society. Jennifer and I would never presume to judge others as to how serious, or not serious, they take their vows to each other.”

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