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When your ex wants to move your kids out of state

One of the major concerns of any divorced parent is that his or her ex-spouse will decide to move out of state and take the children with them. This obviously threatens your relationship with your children, as you won’t be able to get to them as quickly as your once were. In this situation, your best option will be to seek our a family law attorney to help you take steps to prevent your children from being moved away from you.

Before a divorced parent can do anything that may violate a court-ordered parenting plan, he or she must prepare and submit a written notice to the other parent as well as the court. This notice must be delivered at least 60 days prior to enacting the violation, meaning you should get this notice at least two months before your ex moves away. The notice should include the following information:

  • Address and phone number of the new residence
  • Reason for the move
  • Proposed parenting schedule

Usually, a judge will make determinations in these situations based on which parent has primary custody. If custody is split, a judge will look at other factors before ruling.

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NPO encourages passage of equal parenting bill in Texas

With Father’s Day celebration just ended, National Parents Organization board member and Texas resident Robert Franklin encouraged state residents to ask their congressmen or congresswomen to vote for the equal parenting bill that will be presented in the state legislature in the coming legislative session, the Victoria Advocate reported on June 20.

Many other courts have taken this route, which would discourage the tendency to award a mother sole custody of their children. The NPO cites studies that say that children do best when both parents remain involved in his or her life.

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Florida Rep. Alan Grayson seeks custody of his four children

In papers filed during the last week of May in a Florida divorce court, U.S. Florida representative Alan Mark Grayson asked for permission to get child custody of his four children, aged 10-16, due to his former spouse’s “bizarre, aggressive, and inappropriate” behavior, the Daily Mail reported on June 2.

In a divorce filing in May, Lolita Grayson noted that both she and Alan had accumulated significant wealth during their 29 years of being together and 24 years of marriage. Lolita Grayson requested alimony, as she is a stay at home mother and could not cover her expenses without support.

In a separate court filing made by Alan Grayson during the last week of May, he asked permission from the court to allow him to obtain his possessions from the house he formerly shared with Lolita without prior notice, and for the incident to be videotaped while he was accompanied by police officers.

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Mother who took her children from their legal guardian arrested

A date for court proceedings has been set for 33-year-old Westland, Texas resident Christie Hope-Erwin Clancy after law enforcement authorities arrested her in December for fleeing the state with her two young children in August and refusing to return them to their legal guardian, the children’s father. Clancy will be tried on April 7 on a misdemeanor count of unlawful retention of a child by a parent in a Texas circuit court.

According to investigations by the local police, the day before she was supposed to return her children to their father, Clancy packed their bags, loaded them into her van, and drove to Saranac Lake in upstate New York with the children, where she was found by the Texas police. The children were then promptly returned to their father.

Clancy’s children, a four-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy, legally should be in the custody of Clancy’s ex-husband, a man who resides in Texas.

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Court martial for Air Force airman responsible of child neglect begins

The court-martial for a Dyess Air Force Base airman who allegedly neglected a toddler under his care, which resulted in the toddler’s death, started Tuesday, October 15 with pretrial motions.

Military spokeswoman First Lieutenant Nicole Ferrara said the jury selection is next in the process of the trial against Christopher Perez, who is facing charges of dereliction of duty, child endangerment, and adultery.

Perez was living with Tiffany Klapheke, wife of fellow airman Thomas Klapheke, during the time of the alleged offenses. According to Tiffany Klapheke, she wasn’t able to take care of the children well, leading to the death of her 22-month-old daughter due to malnutrition in August 2012, because her husband’s deployment made her stressed.

Thomas Klapheke divorced his wife upon return.

The defense of Perez’s attorneys was he wasn’t guilty of neglecting the children as he did not have much control over their care.

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Judge grants emergency custody hearing for Usher’s ex-wife

Judge John Goger approved the emergency custody hearing requested in Fulton County Superior Court by Grammy-winning R&B artist Usher’s ex-wife, Tameka Foster Raymond, on Tuesday, August 6 after one of their sons nearly drowned while under Usher’s care.

According to the court filing, the boy “suffered a near-death accident” while he was swimming unsupervised in a pool in the singer’s Atlanta home. In the incident, he got stuck in a pool drain. After others were unable to free the boy, a contractor doing work at the house pulled the boy out of the pool and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him.

In a sworn statement attached to the court filing, Tameka said Usher has committed parental mistakes by failing to discuss issues affecting the children with her as he travels around the world because of his career.

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