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Seven Spring heist suspects busted after police chase

Deputies in Spring, Texas recently arrested seven individuals they suspect were involved in an armed robbery at an IHOP restaurant on Wednesday, January 4, an article of Houston Patch reported.

Reports said authorities believed that the five men and two women they arrested might also have been responsible for the two previous IHOP and one Denny’s robbery incidents. Authorities were notified of the armed robbery incident that happened at FM 1960 and Cypress Station at around 12:30 am. The group reportedly seized valuables from the restaurant and customers. Though the two female suspects were easily apprehended, authorities had to use a helicopter and K9 units to find the five others. The suspects are expected to face felony aggravated robbery and evading arrest.

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Dennis Rodman facing charge in California

The former power forward for the Chicago Bulls, Dennis Rodman, has been charged with four counts of misdemeanors in relation to his involvement in a June vehicular accident in Santa Ana, Ca., an article of CNN reported on November 21.

According to reports, the 55-year-old ex-NBA player could spend up to two years behind bars if found guilty of traffic violations, which included fleeing the crash scene. The California Highway Patrol told reports that he was driving in the opposite lane, approaching an oncoming vehicle. The vehicle that was in the correct lane reportedly stopped themselves from crashing into Rodman’s vehicle by swerving, but ultimately crashed into a barrier. Rodman was also accused of driving with an invalid license and for giving false information to police. A January 20 court arraignment is scheduled for Rodman.

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Former basketball star Steve Francis facing charges after arrest

Well-known professional basketball player, Steve Francis could face several charges after a recent arrest in Houston, a November 22 article reported for The Washington Post.

According to reports, Houston authorities apprehended the 39-year-old former NBA star on November 19 after he was observed to be driving with excessive speed. Though Francis avoided a field sobriety test, responding authorities noted that he had signs of alcohol intoxication during the time and he was verbally abusing authorities. After the arrest, authorities learned that Francis is being sought in Florida due to possible involvement in a burglary incident in June. Francis was suspected of taking valuable items inside a vehicle parked at a restaurant. Though Francis went to the police station bringing the things that he allegedly took, he was not charged nor taken into custody.

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Man facing domestic violence and arson charges in Fort Worth

A man whom Texas authorities described as a “violent fugitive” was recently arrested in the northern portion of Fort Worth, Texas. Police say the man is “armed and dangerous” due to his involvement in several crimes, an article of Star-Telegram reported on August 15.

According to reports, 43-year-old Samson Billiot was arrested by authorities an hour after police posted on Facebook to ask the public for help with apprehending him and received a tip. Authorities arrested the suspect in the 1400 block of Grand Avenue, near Northside Drive and Jacksboro Highway. Billiot is currently facing several charges, including aggravated assault, deadly conduct, and domestic violence using a deadly weapon. Billiot was also linked to at least two arson incidents early this month and charges are still pending. According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Billiot was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 1998 after he was found guilty of physically assaulting a woman using a baseball bat.

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Rapper Dr. Dre cited in California over citizen’s arrest

Well-known rap artist and music mogul Andre Young, better known as Dr. Dre, was given a citation at his home in Malibu after a person claimed that Dr. Dre threatened him, a July 27 article of news.com.au reported.

According to reports, the 51-year-old former N.W.A. member was subjected to a lawful “citizen’s arrest” on July 25 after he was falsely accused of threatening a person with a gun. The person, whose name was not revealed, had reportedly parked his vehicle in front of Dre’s house when the incident occurred. Responding authorities handcuffed the rapper and questioned him inside a patrol vehicle. Dre told authorities that he was only getting his phone out to document the incident. Authorities confirmed that he was not armed with a gun during this time.

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Suspect in fatal stabbing of teen arrested in Houston

Houston authorities recently arrested the man suspected of stabbing and killing a teenager in Houston, an article of Click2Houston reported on Thursday, June 23.

Court documents revealed 52-year-old Christoper Bert Taylor was arrested on June 21 following allegations that he was responsible for the murder of Joseph Aguirre-Flores, 14. Prior to Taylor’s arrest, authorities recovered the teen’s body in the 9800 block of Beechnut near Park Circle Drive. Flores was seen running and bystanders heard screaming before the teen fell to the ground. Witnesses told authorities they saw two men walking away from the incident. Flores was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene due to the multiple stab wounds he sustained. Taylor later told authorities about his involvement in the crime.

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Professional wrestler Jerry Lawler apprehended in Memphis

Domestic violence charges were recently filed against Jerry Lawler, also known as “The King,” and his girlfriend after they were apprehended by authorities in Memphis, Tennessee, ABC News reported on June 17.

According to reports, Lawler, 66, and his girlfriend Lauryn McBride, 27, were arrested on June 16 in East Memphis. An arrest affidavit revealed the couple was initially having a regular dispute when they both became violent. McBride claimed that she was pushed against a stove and had her head struck by Lawler. Lawler claimed his face was scratched and he was kicked in the crotch by McBride. Responding authorities decided to take the couple into custody as they were confused as to which story was correct. The incident resulted in Lawler’s suspension from the WWE. 

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Rape charges filed against former 49ers player

Several sexual assault charges, including rape, were formally pressed against Dana Stubblefield on May 2 in Santa Clara after a woman reported Stubblefield sexually assaulted her in April 2015.

In a statement, District Attorney Tim McInerny said that the woman, described as developmentally disabled, was “unconscionably assaulted” while interviewing for a job as a nanny at Stubblefield’s home. The victim drove to Morgan Hill Police Department immediately after the incident occurred and was physically examined by a Sexual Assault Response Team. The authorities made a thorough investigation of the claims before filing the charges against the former 49ers defensive tackle. Stubblefield, who was held on a $250,000 bail, faces up to 16 years and 8 months in prison if found guilty of the charges.

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Rap artist “Twista” busted in Porter County for concealing marijuana

Chicago-based rap artist, Carl Terrell Mitchell a.k.a. “Twista”, was among the four individuals recently arrested in Porter County, Indiana, for suspicions of marijuana possession, an article of the Chicago Tribune reported on March 25.

Reports stated, on March 24 at about 10:15 PM, the 42-year-old rapper and three other men were on their way to a concert at a music venue in South Haven when their vehicle was seen tailgating a truck on U.S. 6. Apprehending officer, Corporal Paul Czupryn, detected marijuana odor coming from inside the vehicle. Though Twista and the three others denied the allegation, police recovered about a half ounce of marijuana concealed in a “fake can” inside their vehicle. Upon arrest, a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge was filed against them. The four persons were later discharged from Porter County Jail after posting a $500 cash bond.

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Rock star Wes Scantlin charged with vandalism in Hollywood Hills

Charges including vandalism were recently filed against Puddle of Mudd front man Wes Scantlin after he was accused of trashing a Hollywood Hills home that he once owned, according to a Rolling Stone article from January 10.

Scantlin and two other unidentified men were taken into custody on January 2 after they reportedly entered the house and destroyed property. The home had once belonged to Scantlin, but it had recently entered into foreclosure. Among the items damaged in the incident were several pieces of electronic equipment and surveillance cameras. Scantlin also allegedly broke a window with a hatchet at some point in the incident.

Scantlin was later released from custody after posting a bail of $26,000. Weeks before this most recent arrest, Scantlin was also taken into custody in Beverly Hills for drug possession.

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