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Pop singer Justin Bieber to plead guilty to reckless driving

Music artist Justin Bieber is expected to enter a plea bargain agreement in relation to the DUI charge filed against him in Miami-Dade, Local10.com reported on June 13.

According to reports under the agreement, the 20-year-old singer will plead guilty to reckless driving before the court dismisses the other charges filed against him. An unspecified fine must also be paid, although Bieber does not have to serve time on probation. Another aspect of the deal requires the pop star to undergo anger management classes. The artist Khalil, also apprehended in Miami-Dade, was offered a similar deal.

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Actor who portrayed Notorious B.I.G. arrested for domestic violence

Actor Jamal Woolard, known for his film portrayal of the late Notorious B.I.G., was apprehended by police in Georgia for attacking his spouse, an article stated on June 9.

The incident reportedly occurred on June 7 in Gwinnett County when the teenage stepson of the actor phoned the police. The 15-year-old stepson, whose name was not revealed, stated that the actor was choking her mother. Records later showed that Woolard, 38, used his two hands to choke his spouse after disliking the way she spoke to their daughter. Woolard is currently booked on charges of battery, simple assault, and cruelty to children.

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Police raid Justin Bieber’s home after alleged assault on neighbor’s home

Teenage pop star Justin Bieber’s California home was recently raided by police after he was accused of defacing his neighbor’s house by throwing eggs, CBS News reported on Wednesday, January 15.

At least 12 deputies with Los Angeles County investigated the 19-year-old’s mansion on January 14 to gather evidence for the allegations that he committed vandalism by throwing eggs at his neighbor’s home during an argument. The property damage was estimated to cost at least $20,000, a felony amount of damage. Police detained the pop star inside his home where he declined to make a statement regarding the incident.

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U.S. Justice Department reviews cases with surveillance evidence obtained under FISA

A thorough review of all criminal cases that used evidence obtained from unconventional mean of surveillance will be conducted by the Justice Department, a report from the Washington Post stated on November 5.

The review of the criminal cases surfaced after the Justice Department, for the first time, told a suspect that evidence gathered under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) will be used against him. According to Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., the department will be scrutinizing criminal cases and defendants will be provided information that is geared towards allowing them to make their own determination. Defendants who were already convicted and those who are already serving jail time will be acknowledged, and they may want to retry their case.

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Charges Dropped against Former State Supported Employee

On Tuesday March 5th, charges were dropped against  a former Corpus Christi State Supported Living Center employee regarding an incident that occurred after the “Fight Club” videos.

30-year-old Tyesha Floyd was allegedly responsible for making two residents to fight each other and was indicted for allowing disabled persons to be injured.

However, based on new evidence given by the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), Floyd’s charges were dropped. District Attorney Mark Skurka said the HHSC report gave doubts regarding the credibility of some of the witnesses that they would have used in the case, in addition to potentially discrediting some of the actions that were reported during the incident.

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