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Ex-Wife of Hospital Founder Seeks $400,000 per Month in Divorce Settlement

Alicia Stephenson, ex-wife of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s founder, is seeking a hefty divorce settlement of $400,000 per month to maintain her current lifestyle. Her testimony sheds light on the nature of her debts, which includes hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees and taxes on her monthly maintenance.

The court officially finalized the messy divorce, which had a nine-year long legal process, but the former couple has yet to agree upon a financial settlement. Stephenson argues that she is entitled to the luxuries she had during her 18-year marriage, some of which include private jets, lavish parties, expensive vacations, household staff, and multiple homes. Part of her testimony revealed the various expenditures of her marriage, which she claims never had a financial cap. These items include expensive china, silverware, and crystals distributed throughout each of their many homes. Stephenson claimed that since the divorce, she had to live on limited funds compared to her living expenses during marriage. This has led to credit card debt and a struggle to obtain a loan for the purchase of a new 2017 Audi Q7.

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Opposing views about no-fault divorce in Texas

Under the state law of Texas, married couples are allowed the option of undergoing a no-fault divorce to split amicably if they have no hope or reasonable expectation of ever reconciling. However, State Representative Matt Krause is hoping he can change things during the 85th Legislative Session, which started on Tuesday, January 10.

In an interview with the Star-Telegram, Krause said, “I don’t know if we don’t take our vows as seriously as we used to, but I think getting rid of the no-fault divorce piece of this may make folks concentrate on this a little harder before they enter into that relationship, or stick it out to where they can restore the relationship and the tough times in marriage.”

However, other legislators disagree with Krause. State Representative DeWayne Burns said “What we really need, instead of more laws, is for more people to be a living testimony to the importance of marriage as a cornerstone of our society. Jennifer and I would never presume to judge others as to how serious, or not serious, they take their vows to each other.”

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Bill seeks to make it tougher and more expensive to get divorced in Texas

Texas State Representative Matt Krause filed a bill that seeks to deter divorce in Texas by making it more time-consuming and expensive. Supposedly, the bill seeking to end the no-fault divorce option is meant to encourage couples to try harder to get their marriages to work and to protect the family unit.

After filing the bill, Krause said, “Marriage has been devalued over the past decades,” noting he thinks this trend is because of the presence of the no-fault option in divorces, which became legal in Texas in the 1970’s. “We’ve found that the current law has not produced the benefits it intended,” Krause said, referencing a report from the Heritage Foundation that showed children who were raised by married parents often benefit more than their counterparts who were raised by split parents.

However, many people disagree with the meaning of these statistics. For instance, domestic violence awareness organization PEACE Initiative Director Patricia Castillo said, “Living in an abusive home, even if it’s just two or three years, can do irreparable damage to a child.” She added that lawmakers who want to keep children in that environment “are either in denial or simply ignorant.”

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HGTV’s Flip or Floppers are divorcing

The stars of HGTV’s real estate reality show “Flip or Flop”, Tarek and Christina El Moussa, are reportedly divorcing after seven years of marriage.

In a joint statement they recently released, the El Moussas said, “Like many couples, we have had challenges in our marriage. We had an unfortunate misunderstanding about six months ago and the police were called to our house in an abundance of caution.”

The incident was reported by TMZ back in May about the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in California response to a call made from the couple’s Yorba Linda home accompanied with reports of someone running away from the house with a firearm. According to Us Weekly, Tarek had carried the firearm to a nearby hiking trail “to blow off some steam” by hunting the nearby “mountain lions and rattlesnakes” and that he had no intention of hurting himself or others.

When they were interviewed about the secret of continuing to work together in an HGTV Insider video earlier in 2016, Christina said, “We don’t fight, we just bicker about decision making.”

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Careful planning lightens the stress of divorce

A divorce takes its toll on both the emotions and the finances. Even when divorces are mutually agreed upon, the divorcing couple has to deal with the stress of legal proceedings with lawyers, not to mention paying them; coming up with a comprehensive plan to divide properties and assets; and thinking about how to go on in a newly-single life can lead anyone, especially the unprepared, to a nervous breakdown.

Uncontested divorces are the most affordable types of divorces. These are the types of proceedings wherein both parties just say what they’ve already discussed in front of an attorney who can navigate the paperwork for them, coming to a mutual understanding of terms without needing to go to court. But not all divorces, not even the majority, will end up being amicable or uncontested.

Even if one’s divorce is not uncontested, one can still navigate the waves of legal drama by investing in a competent and bright attorney who can be expected to craft plans and protect one’s interests.

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Divorce rumors surrounding Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed persist

Actor, model, and director Ian Somerhalder, 37, and his wife, 28-year-old actress, screenwriter, and singer-songwriter Nikki Reed have faced rumors of divorce ever since they married.

After The Vampire Diaries announced Nina Dobrev, Somerhalder’s ex, would be returning to the drama series for the eighth season, the rumors intensified. Another report circling the gossip mill is that Reed, amid the divorce allegations, is pregnant with her first baby with Somerhalder. Meanwhile, Somerhalder and Reed have refused to respond to the divorce rumors, but they do post sweet photographs and videos of each other on their social media accounts.

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Astonishing Celebrity Divorces of 2016

The year 2016 was packed with some of the most controversial and shocking celebrity divorces of all time.

Among these divorces is actor and producer Brad Pitt, 53, and actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian Angelina Jolie. 41. Their split was a surprise because they did not break up because of a third party, as many Hollywood couples seem to do, but because of differences in parenting styles. The two have six children – some adopted from third-world countries in Asia and Africa. Jolie was the one who initiated the divorce, claiming the reason she filed for divorce was “for the health of the family.”

Forty-one-year-old actress and model Drew Barrymore and her actor husband Will Koppelman of “The Intern” and “Friendly Fire” fame separated more amicably, making us see that friendship after divorce is possible.

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Jim Bob, Michelle Duggar divorce rumors

Due to a committed display of Christian family values, a Duggar divorce may have seemed impossible just over a year and a half ago. However, the Duggar tower of morality is starting to show its cracks, which began with 28-year-old Josh Duggar’s multiple sex scandals, which should never have happened had he been practicing what he preaches.

Earlier in November, alongside discussion about the couple’s poor choice in handling their son Josh’s assault of his sisters, rumors of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar divorcing had begun circulating around various social media. Instead of reporting Josh to the proper authorities, the couple chose to hide the secret in their home and many speculate that this was detrimental.

Upon discovery of his crimes, Josh was sent to a faith-based rehabilitation center. The same method was applied to Josh after the public learned that he had cheated on his wife, Anna Keller Duggar.

Amid these controversies, the Duggar family managed to get signed on to star in another reality television series, Counting On, in 2015. However, the show was canceled due to low ratings and due to the fact that advertisers threatened to cut their ties with Silver Spring, Maryland-based cable and satellite television network TLC if the show continued to be on the air.

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Vanilla Ice’s wife files for divorce after 20 years of marriage

Laura Van Winkle, the wife of 48-year-old Robert Matthew van Winkle, recently filed for divorce in Palm Beach, Florida. Her husband is known professionally as rapper Vanilla Ice, singer of the 1991 hit song ‘Ice Ice Baby.’ The filing comes after almost 20 years of marriage. a report from Entertainment Tonight showed.

The Van Winkles married in 1997 and have two daughters together, Dusti Rain and KeeLee Breeze. Vanilla Ice is a Grammy-nominated artist who recently returned to the limelight when he competed on season 23 of Dancing with the Stars. His partner was professional Latin and ballroom dancer Witney Carson. Van Winkle wished Carson a happy birthday on Instagram one day before his wife filed for divorce.

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Court overturns approved $416M divorce of Galveston couple

A judge in Galveston, Texas ruled two years ago that Winnie Stacey Alwazzan should receive $416 million in her divorce from estranged husband Isa Alwazzan, a legal notice recently published in the Galveston Daily News showed.

The divorce was so quiet that there is a possibility that even Isa did not know of it, Winnie said. Isa has lived in the Kingdom of Bahrain for the past several years. In early 2016, Winnie’s attorneys tried to freeze almost $4 million from the proceeds of Isa’s family company, which is based in Bahrain. This move caused their divorce case to be dismissed this year, especially due to motions forwarded by Isa’s attorneys that Winnie had been court-shopping.

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