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Cavaliers’ Shumpert acknowledges smoking pot before DUI bust

Professional basketball player for Cleveland Cavaliers, Iman Shumpert, recently acknowledged that he was under the influence of marijuana when he was apprehended by authorities outside Atlanta, an article of New York Post reported on September 9.

In a Twitter post, the Cavaliers confirmed that the 26-year-old guard was suspected of driving a vehicle while under the influence of intoxicants (DUI) on August 10. Apparently, authorities detected a “strong” marijuana smell inside Shumpert’s vehicle before he admitted to smoking moments before driving a vehicle. Aside from typical signs of marijuana intoxication, authorities also discovered marijuana inside Shumpert’s vehicle. Iman, who is currently facing several charges related to his arrest, is at risk of being suspended from playing due to his actions.

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Two alleged drug dealers arrested in Houston County

Houston County authorities recently arrested two individuals who were suspected of being involved in drug crimes.

Reports said personnel from the Houston County Sheriff’s Office recovered “sizable quantities” of drugs from DeAndre Emil Bailey, 37, and Frank Tillis, 45. The Houston County Narcotics Division reportedly arrested Tillis and Bailey in the northern part of Houston. Authorities recovered large amounts of methamphetamine, marijuana, and crack cocaine from the two suspects. Authorities also recovered a handgun from Bailey. Several counts of drug and other related charges were filed against Bailey and Tillis after the arrest. Grapeland Police reportedly assisted Houston authorities in arresting the suspects.

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Veteran officer involved in drug trafficking busted in Texas

A veteran police officer in South Texas suspected of being involved in drug trafficking was recently arrested by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents, the San Antonio Express-News reported on July 18.

According to reports, the U.S. attorney’s office confirmed that Hector Mendez was arrested on July 17, and a drug-related charge has been filed against him. Mendez has been serving the South Texas Police as a Mission police officer for 17 years. In 2014, there were two other Mission law enforcement officers sentenced to lengthy prison terms after they were both found guilty of drug trafficking charges.

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Wiz Khalifa’s pot possession charge reduced in El Paso

Rap artist Cameron Thomaz, better known to the public as Wiz Khalifa, recently got his marijuana possession charges in El Paso reduced, ABC 7 reported on June 15.

The charge filed against the 27-year-old rapper has been reduced after he pleaded guilty to possessing 0.5 grams of marijuana when he was at the El Paso International Airport after a concert on May 25 of last year. Wiz was reportedly taken into custody by airport officers after suspected marijuana was found on his possession. As part of his guilty plea, the rapper was charged with a Class C misdemeanor and was also ordered to settle a fine of $500.

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Wiz Khalifa nabbed in El Paso for pot charge

El Paso police recently arrested rap artist Wiz Khalifa after he was found to be concealing marijuana, a report by USA Today stated on May 25.

Wiz Khalifa was reportedly at the El Paso airport for a music festival performance when he was subjected to a search order due to lack of proper identification. Airport authorities later contacted police after they found a container holding marijuana in the rapper’s possession. A charge of misdemeanor marijuana possession was filed against the Pennsylvania-based rapper. He was released after settling a $300 bail. Wiz or his agency did not comment on the issue.

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Craig Robinson detained in the Bahamas for drug possession

Comedian Craig Robinson of NBC’s “The Office” was detained in the Bahamas on October 9 for drug possession and ordered to pay a fine.

According to Supt. Stephen Dean of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, 41-year old Robinson, who was in the country for a comedy show, was arrested after custom agents found half a gram of marijuana and 18 ecstasy pills  in his possession as he boarded a plane in Nassau back to the United States.

Robinson appeared before a magistrate and pleaded guilty to two counts of drug possession. He told the court he was not aware that the drugs were illegal in the Bahamas when he brought them.

He was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and leave the country.

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