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Williamson County temporarily runs out of marriage licenses

Couples who want to tie the knot in Williamson County in Texas may find themselves postponing their plans for a little bit, because the Williamson County Clerk’s Office has temporarily run out of marriage licenses. It lost its supply on Friday, August 26 and won’t be getting new ones until Thursday, September 22, a report from the San Antonio Express showed.

County spokeswoman Connie Watson said she isn’t sure how many engaged individuals will be inconvenienced. Apparently, the issue occurred because the clerk’s office thought it had already ordered the forms from its vendor, who said they had not received the orders in question. Watson, however, said it is still possible to go to get married in any other county in Texas.

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Texas woman scammed couples wishing to adopt

Thirty-four-year-old Texas resident Chrystal Rippey pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud on September 17 and is set to be sentenced at a later date, The Topeka Capital-Journal reported.

Rippey conducted several instances of fraud. Rippey pretended to be pregnant with twins and willing to give up her unborn children. Using this guise, she contacted adoption agencies and several couples who ended up paying for her living expenses and other items, such as clothes and a new phone. After a couple of months extracting money from a couple, she would then cease all contact before seeking out another pair of hopeful would-be adopters.

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Contractual Alimony vs. Spousal Maintenance

Alimony, which is a term used to refer to all post-payments made after the divorce from one ex-spouse to another, is classified into two types: court-ordered spousal maintenance and agreed-upon contractual alimony, which is not sanctioned by the courts, the Houston Chronicle reported on July 15.

Enacted in 2005 and amended in 2011, the spousal maintenance statute now posits that one partner who for some reason is unable to earn enough money to provide for basic expenses can become eligible for maintenance, provided that he or she was married to his or her spouse for at least 10 years.

The courts may now order the provision of maintenance to last as long as five, seven, or 10 years, depending on how long the marriage lasted.

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Divorce celebrations a rising trend

Divorce parties have become an interesting way to put a positive spin on an often emotional and life-changing event, the Wisconsin State Journal reported on June 18.

Event planners, lawyers, academics, and bakers have attested to the rise of these incidents, noting that these celebrations often feature cakes with weapon-wielding brides as decorations or sport black frosting decoration. Carl’s Cakes and Market Street Diner general manager Deb Riphahn said the cakes they feature in the shop are either choc-full of dark themes, like murder, or represent themes of freedom, with cakes reading “just divorced” instead of “just married,” or “free at last.”

Golden Gate University marketing professor Michal Ann Strahilevitz said this recent trend is part of a larger movement of Americans celebrating every facet of their lives, good or bad. This includes a rise in coming out parties, cancer-free celebrations, or pet birthdays.

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Obesity more common in children of divorced parents

According to a recent Norwegian study, children of divorced parents are 1.54 times more likely to be obese than children from married households, The New Zealand Herald reported on June 3.

The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Navarra in Spain and recently presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Sofia. The researchers compared the height, weight, and waist circumference of 3,166 Norwegian schoolchildren and noted the marital status of their parents. Although researchers do not know why, children with married parents were generally in better shape than those without.

Research from Rice University in Texas attributed this phenomenon to a possible increase in proximity and access to junk food, less exercise, fewer opportunities to leave the house, and more resources at their disposal due to the two households they frequent.

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Waco ISD board member owes over $45,000 in child support

Forty-two-year-old Colbert Murphy, who had been elected on Saturday, May 10 to the Waco, Texas Independent School District board, was found to have an outstanding debt of $45,000 in child support fees owed to Sartisse Washington, a woman he had an affair with 19 years ago, WacoTrib.com reported on May 14.

Murphy responded that his position and his personal life are completely separate entities, that “my issue with the attorney general’s office has nothing to do with my position on the school board.” He claimed that his personal issues will not affect his performance serving as a school board official.

The attorney general’s office placed a lien on Murphy’s assets in July 2013 amounting to $43,238 which has grown in arrears to $45,055, records from the county court showed.

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Popularity of collaborative divorces increases

Linda Solomon, a Dallas marriage counselor, recently mentioned that collaborative divorces are becoming increasingly popular. Collaborative divorces force couples to work together as opposed to working against one another. Solomon mentioned that a collaborative divorce can set a precedent for the ex-couple’s future cooperation.

Solomon says that if it is possible for couples to work together, all parties tend to benefit, including the couple’s children. Common issues that serve as sources of contention during divorce are property division, child custody, and alimony payments.

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