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Suspected identity thieves in Abilene arrested

At least two individuals in Abilene are facing first degree aggravated identity theft charges after police suspected them of possessing personal information belonging to several people, news sources reported on November 2nd.

Reports said Abilene residents Herome Henderson, 49, and Jessie Houston, 30, were arrested for possessing the personal information of 50 people. Police reportedly apprehended the two suspects on La Salle Drive and North 10th Street.

Though police are still investigating the extent of the two individuals’ operation, authorities have stated that these arrests have nothing to do with the First Financial Bank ATM incident in which hundreds of consumers had money stolen from their accounts after their personal information had been stolen.

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Hip hop star busted for robbing foreclosed home

Rap artist Robert Matthew Van Winkle a.k.a. “Vanilla Ice” was recently arrested in Florida after he was suspected of stealing items from an unoccupied house, Daily News reported on February 19.

The 47-year-old Dallas born rapper-turned-TV-host was booked in Palm Beach County Jail after he was charged with grand theft and burglary. Reports said Vanilla Ice stole bicycles, pool heater, furniture, and other items from a foreclosed house located near a house he was working on for his show. Police searched the rapper’s home after they were notified by real estate agents that some valuable items were lost in the foreclosed house. Vanilla Ice was released from police custody after posting a bond of $6,000 and allegedly is remaining cooperative.

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Man steals gun from North Texas police department

A man in possession of a stolen gun from the North Texas police department was caught and imprisoned on Monday, September 16.

Juan Francisco Sarli, 31, of San Antonio, was pulled over by a Texas Department of Safety trooper for speeding on Interstate 20 at about 10 a.m. After discovering that Sarli had an outstanding warrant in Hill County, police arrested him, prompting a search of his car and the discovery of the .357 calibre Smith & Wesson inside a bag on the car’s backseat.

The gun’s serial number was traced back to the Lewisville Police Department, according to the report. Sarli was held on a $5,000 bond on firearm theft charges. The warrant issued listed no bonds out of Hill County.

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Lewisville man charged for suspicion of committing multiple robberies

A Lewisville man was arrested by the Dallas Police Department on July 18 under suspicion of aggravated robbery. He is believed to be the person who robbed the Carrollton Race Trac on Belt Line Road, in addition to two gas stations and a vehicle.

22-year-old Neko Boykin is now under the custody of the Lew Sterrett Justice Center in Dallas and is facing charges of multiple aggravated robbery. Police claim he committed all the alleged robberies from Wednesday, July 17 to Thursday, July 18.

According to Carrollton police media specialist Nicole Rodriguez, among the places that Boykin was suspected of robbing were a Shell station and a Texaco station, both located at Stemmons Freeway, on the night of July 17 and an unknown vehicle on the morning of July 18.

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Texas suspect in multiple bank heist still at large

A Garland bank was held up by a man, who police have dubbed as the Mesh Mask Bandit, on Wednesday, May 15.

The lone suspect had already robbed a couple of North Texas banks during the past consecutive weeks and was reported to be using a blue Dodge Caravan as his getaway vehicle.

Although police were able to release photos and composite sketches of the alleged bandit taken from CCTV cameras, he still remains at large. A witness who saw the suspect’s face just before putting on a mask described him as a 37 to 43 year-old Hispanic looking man of medium build with dark hair and eyes. He mentioned that the robber also likely has a goatee.

Banks robbed 3 months apart in Dallas and Arlington that had red dye packs installed in the stolen money were triggered, prompting a police search for Hispanic looking men with unusually red tainted skin or clothing.

The so-called Mesh Mask Bandit has allegedly robbed a total of 19 banks since December, beginning at the BBVA Compass Bank in Dallas, according to the FBI.  The other banks and credit unions involved in the heist are said to be located in Dallas, Carrollton, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Addison, Plano, Farmers Branch, and Lewisville.

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