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Gunman Opens Fire in Texas Parking Lot

A chaotic scene recently erupted in a San Antonio movie theater parking lot when a gunman began shooting, hitting and wounding an unidentified male before being shot by an officer, Sheriff’s officials said.

According to a Bexar County sheriff’s spokesman, the incident started around 9:30 p.m. Sunday when the gunman fired several shots inside a restaurant. No one knows exactly yet what prompted the man to open fire.

According to reports, the shooter next moved towards the movie theater and shot a male in the parking lot. The victim’s name was not provided, but his injuries were reported to be non-life threatening.

The same sheriff’s spokesman added that when the gunman entered the theater, he fired a shot, but no one was hit. He was then shot by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy.

The suspect was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment and is awaiting charges.

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Brothers Sentenced to Federal Prison for Drug and Gun Smuggling

Two South Texas brothers were sentenced to federal prison by a McAllen federal judge after pleading guilty to charges in a gun and drug smuggling case. Jose Luis Tovar was given a 17½ year sentence after he pleaded guilty to weapons charges. His brother, Jerry Tovar, on the other hand, received 11 years and three months for weapons charges and drug conspiracy.

Both brothers confessed their actions to DEA agents who were working undercover.

Additionally, the investigation implicated two Duval County sheriff’s deputies, and both pleaded guilty to drug charges when they admitted planning to use a police vehicle to smuggle cocaine acquired from the Tovar brothers.

Both deputies could face life imprisonment.

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Texas Supreme Court Adopts DIY Divorce Forms

More questions than answers seem to stem from the adoption of do-it-yourself divorce forms by the Texas Supreme Court. This divorce-friendly system has been widely opposed by family law attorneys since it may lead to more serious unforeseen problems if couples do not have the legal know-how to fill out these forms or adequately protect their interests in a divorce.

“This really will change the lives of so many people who have not been able to get help through legal aid,” Trish McAllister, Texas Access to Justice Commission executive director said.

Last year, a group consisting of lawyers, judges, and other professionals along with the Texas Access to Justice Commission was set up to help draft the forms. However, members of the family law section of the State Bar of Texas and some concerned family law attorneys strongly oppose this act. However, the court decided to proceed otherwise.

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Why the new “do-it-yourself” divorce forms may not be right for you

Responding to a perceived need for increased avenues for low-income individuals to access divorce court despite being unable to afford legal representation, the Texas Supreme Court approved a standardized for allowing divorce without a lawyer in a 5-3 decision. The form is specifically tailored to Texas law, and will be available only to low-income couples able to demonstrate indigency, without children, and filing uncontested divorces. The court has ordered that the forms be published for a period of public comment before the new procedure is fully approved.

The forms are not anticipated to work effectively in every situation, and dissenting opinions noted that pro-bono representation is a far better means to provide legal assistance to indigent litigants in order to protect against situations such as an individual being unaware that they are entitled to retirement funds or other benefits which have been accumulated by their spouse. The court says “it is always best to hire a lawyer” in order to manage a divorce, but believes that the lack of resources available to low-income spouses seeking divorce makes the measure a necessity.

Texas Lawmakers Urged to Consider Permanent Sobriety Checkpoints

A recent legislative session in the Texas capitol saw San Antonio police Deputy Chief Anthony Trevino urging legislators to consider adopting permanent DWI sobriety checkpoints in various locations throughout the state. Trevino argued that, by targeting locations known to be “hot-spots” for drunk driving, law enforcement officials might be able to help crack down on the number of drivers who engage in this type of behavior and help reduce auto fatalities in the state.

While no legislation has currently been proposed to establish a legal basis for this type of extension of police authority, the fact that the proposal is being heard at all by state legislators should serve as a reminder of the importance of having an attorney in this type of circumstance. Law enforcement agencies throughout the state will go to whatever means may be necessary to secure a DWI conviction. An experienced Lewisville criminal lawyer can help to protect the rights of those accused of this crime.