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Ex-Wife of Hospital Founder Seeks $400,000 per Month in Divorce Settlement

Alicia Stephenson, ex-wife of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s founder, is seeking a hefty divorce settlement of $400,000 per month to maintain her current lifestyle. Her testimony sheds light on the nature of her debts, which includes hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees and taxes on her monthly maintenance.

The court officially finalized the messy divorce, which had a nine-year long legal process, but the former couple has yet to agree upon a financial settlement. Stephenson argues that she is entitled to the luxuries she had during her 18-year marriage, some of which include private jets, lavish parties, expensive vacations, household staff, and multiple homes. Part of her testimony revealed the various expenditures of her marriage, which she claims never had a financial cap. These items include expensive china, silverware, and crystals distributed throughout each of their many homes. Stephenson claimed that since the divorce, she had to live on limited funds compared to her living expenses during marriage. This has led to credit card debt and a struggle to obtain a loan for the purchase of a new 2017 Audi Q7.

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Florida Rep. Alan Grayson seeks custody of his four children

In papers filed during the last week of May in a Florida divorce court, U.S. Florida representative Alan Mark Grayson asked for permission to get child custody of his four children, aged 10-16, due to his former spouse’s “bizarre, aggressive, and inappropriate” behavior, the Daily Mail reported on June 2.

In a divorce filing in May, Lolita Grayson noted that both she and Alan had accumulated significant wealth during their 29 years of being together and 24 years of marriage. Lolita Grayson requested alimony, as she is a stay at home mother and could not cover her expenses without support.

In a separate court filing made by Alan Grayson during the last week of May, he asked permission from the court to allow him to obtain his possessions from the house he formerly shared with Lolita without prior notice, and for the incident to be videotaped while he was accompanied by police officers.

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Receiving alimony in Texas

Alimony, otherwise referred to as spousal maintenance, is not commonly ordered in Texas. There are, however, instances in which a judge will order spousal maintenance payments. If a spouse has been convicted of domestic violence charges within two years of a divorce petition, the convicted spouse may be ordered to pay spousal maintenance. Another situation where spousal maintenance may be warranted is when a couple has been married for ten years or longer and the spouse requesting alimony has proven need.

Factors that a judge will consider when deciding whether or not to mandate spousal maintenance include:

  • Effort by the spouse requesting payments to maintain employment
  • The financial resources of both spouses and especially the one requesting spousal support
  • Emotional and physical well-being of the spouse
  • Age of the spouse and duration of the marriage
  • The education and skills a spouse possesses or may need to develop to gain employment


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High stakes divorce settlement in flux

Sixty-nine-year-old Oklahoma oil magnate Harold Hamm, pioneer of Continental Resources, one of the largest producers of oil in the North Dakota Bakken formation, said that the divorce settlement debacle with his ex-wife contributed to the loss of his millions, the Chicago Tribune reported on January 3.

Hamm’s ex-wife, Sue Ann Arnall, said that her $1-billion award was too small compared to what she is entitled from Hamm’s fortune. Hamm, on the other hand, complained that the alimony settlement was already too much, as Continental Resources’ profits have declined due to the oil price decreases.

Continental Resources’ shares decreased by 30%, reaching a five-year low, since the divorce trial ended November 10 of last year.

Hamm said that with his wealth reduced to $10.6 billion, a third of his previous wealth as computed by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Arnall got a larger share of their combined wealth than she should have.

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Contractual Alimony vs. Spousal Maintenance

Alimony, which is a term used to refer to all post-payments made after the divorce from one ex-spouse to another, is classified into two types: court-ordered spousal maintenance and agreed-upon contractual alimony, which is not sanctioned by the courts, the Houston Chronicle reported on July 15.

Enacted in 2005 and amended in 2011, the spousal maintenance statute now posits that one partner who for some reason is unable to earn enough money to provide for basic expenses can become eligible for maintenance, provided that he or she was married to his or her spouse for at least 10 years.

The courts may now order the provision of maintenance to last as long as five, seven, or 10 years, depending on how long the marriage lasted.

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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson divorces wife

Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl-winning quarterback, Russell Wilson filed for a divorce from his wife of two years, Ashton.

Wilson released a statement saying “decisions like these don’t come easy” and that he and Ashton “respectfully ask for prayers, understanding, and privacy during this difficult time.”

Rumors have recently surfaced that Ashton was unfaithful to Wilson with one of his former Seahawks teammates. The rumors are currently being denied.

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