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Justin Bieber sought by Argentinian judge over assault

After skipping a hearing related to assault charges against him in Buenos Aires, an Argentinian judge asked international police to arrest Bieber, the International Business Times reported on April 10.

According to reports, Argentina Judge Alberto Banos sought the assistance of the International Police (Interpol) to arrest and detain Bieber in any country. Bieber, 21, reportedly failed to appear in Argentina court after he was charged with assaulting a photographer in Buenos Aires in November 2013. The Canadian pop star was outside of a nightclub when he apparently ordered his bodyguards to attack the photographer. If he is found guilty of the charges, Bieber may go to jail for a maximum of six years.

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Police raid Justin Bieber’s home after alleged assault on neighbor’s home

Teenage pop star Justin Bieber’s California home was recently raided by police after he was accused of defacing his neighbor’s house by throwing eggs, CBS News reported on Wednesday, January 15.

At least 12 deputies with Los Angeles County investigated the 19-year-old’s mansion on January 14 to gather evidence for the allegations that he committed vandalism by throwing eggs at his neighbor’s home during an argument. The property damage was estimated to cost at least $20,000, a felony amount of damage. Police detained the pop star inside his home where he declined to make a statement regarding the incident.

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R&B singer pleaded not guilty to assault

After getting involved in a fight recently, singer Chris Brown pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor assault on Monday, October 28. The R&B singer is facing a possible jail term of six months and a fine worth $1,000 if he is convicted of the charge.

The charge stemmed from an incident that too kplace on October 27 outside the W Hotel in Washington where he and his body guard, Christopher Hollosy, who also pleaded not guilty, allegedly punched Parker Adams. In the incident report obtained from the Metropolitan Police Department, Adams was punched by Brown and Hollosy after he tried to jump in on a picture being taken of the singer and two women. In the court documents, Brown denied punching Parker, who was treated in the hospital after suffering a broken nose.

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