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High stakes divorce settlement in flux

Sixty-nine-year-old Oklahoma oil magnate Harold Hamm, pioneer of Continental Resources, one of the largest producers of oil in the North Dakota Bakken formation, said that the divorce settlement debacle with his ex-wife contributed to the loss of his millions, the Chicago Tribune reported on January 3.

Hamm’s ex-wife, Sue Ann Arnall, said that her $1-billion award was too small compared to what she is entitled from Hamm’s fortune. Hamm, on the other hand, complained that the alimony settlement was already too much, as Continental Resources’ profits have declined due to the oil price decreases.

Continental Resources’ shares decreased by 30%, reaching a five-year low, since the divorce trial ended November 10 of last year.

Hamm said that with his wealth reduced to $10.6 billion, a third of his previous wealth as computed by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Arnall got a larger share of their combined wealth than she should have.

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Harold Hamm told to give ex-wife nearly $1B

Continental Resources chief executive officer Harold Glenn Hamm has been ordered by Oklahoma Special Judge Howard Haralson to give his ex-wife, 58-year-old Sue Ann, almost $1 billion  in one of the largest ever divorce judgments in the United States, a Reuters article reported on November 11.

Even though said amount has the potential to make Sue Ann Hamm among the 100 richest women in the United States, according to Forbes’ rankings, the award was less than what Sue Ann’s lawyers originally sought. Additionally, it will not require Harold Hamm to sell his Continental shares, of which he currently owns 68%.

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Hamm divorce could affect energy industry

A divorce case between American oil magnate Harold Hamm and his wife Sue Ann could impact one of the world’s largest energy companies, Oklahoma-based Continental Resources, Inc., of which Harold is founder, chairman, and CEO, the Dallas Business Journal reported on September 2.

Sue Ann filed for divorce in May 2012 and is seeking between $3 billion and $6 billion from the nearly $17 billion acquired by Harold during their 26-year marriage.

Should the court rule in favor of Sue Ann, Harold could face the difficult decision of selling shares in Continental to afford the award. This decision would affect not only the company, but also the American energy industry as a whole.

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University study chronicles divorce statistics

According to research results released by Baylor University’s Council on Contemporary Families, couples who are non-religious have a lower recorded divorce rate.

The study, which examines shifts in United States marriages within the past 50 years, revealed that white conservative Protestants and black Protestants have sought divorces at higher rates than people who are not affiliated with a religious group. The study examined couples whose legal status was recognized by the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

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