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Suspected murderer of dentist arrested in Dallas

Authorities in Dallas arrested a woman who was suspected of being involved in the recent killing of a female dentist, a September 5 article of ABC News reported.

An affidavit revealed that the Dallas Police arrested 22-year-old Crystal Cortez after evidence revealed that she had participated in killing dentist Kendra Hatcher in her apartment. Cortez, who was later charged with capital murder, was reportedly seen in a surveillance camera driving a vehicle going out of a parking area where Hatcher’s body was recovered. Cortez told investigators in an interview that she drove the vehicle together with a man to assault Hatcher. The unidentified man who was with Cortez robbed and fatally shot Hatcher in the parking garage of his apartment.

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170 Texas bike gang members charged after deadly gun fight

After the recent gun fight in Waco that killed nine people and injured dozens of others, 170 bikers were arrested and may face capital murder charges in relation to organized crime, a May 18 article of The New York Times stated.

According to Sergeant Patrick Swanton, the apprehended men were held at the Waco Convention Center, and a $1 million bond was set to each of them. A gun battle between bike gangs the Bandidos and Cossacks and police authorities took place on May 17 at a restaurant parking lot in Waco. Authorities are still determining what caused the altercation. The death penalty may be a fate that awaits the arrested bikers if a grand jury and state prosecutors decide to charge them with capital murder.

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Man facing capital murder and other charges in Dallas

A man in Dallas is facing several charges, including capital murder, after he was arrested by Texas authorities in a high-speed chase, an article on inForney.com stated on March 28.

Dallas Police reportedly pursued Timothy Green after he fatally shot Christepher Mosley in a house on Cinnamon Oaks Drive. Police alleged that Green was robbing the house when the shooting happened. Green, who was apprehended by police in Van Zandt County, was charged with capital murder, escaping arrest, illegal possession of handgun and possession of a controlled substance. Authorities booked Green at the Dallas County Jail, and his bond was set at $500,000.

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Texas girl suspected of drowning a baby charged

One count of capital murder was filed against a Texas teenager after authorities suspected her of drowning a baby at an apartment, an article from Reuters reported on January 26.

Reports said police identified the suspect as a 14-year-old girl from Dallas. Police reportedly found the body of a 2-month-old baby girl at an apartment establishment after an emergency call. According to investigators, the infant was not related to the teen but was being cared for by the teen’s mother while the baby’s mother was in prison. Another female teenager was present at the scene, and police plan to treat her like a witness. The arrested suspect did not have an attorney, reports also said. Authorities did not reveal any names, nor did they disclose potential motives.

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