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Israel Houghton clarifies that Texas is not suing him for back child support

Christian music singer-songwriter Israel Houghton, 45, denied claims he was being sued by the Texas Attorney General’s Office for not paying child support for his two children. Houghton is now engaged to recording artist Adrienne Bailon, 33.

Sources privy to the matter said Houghton always goes “above and beyond” to take care of his children and confirmed Houghton’s ex did not file any lawsuit implicating him of trying to neglect his parental duties. Jojo Pada, Houghton’s representative, said the rumor, which was first reported by entertainment news network Bossip, was “inaccurate and misleading.” Further, the case that the Texas Attorney General’s Office planned to file against Houghton had nothing to do with child support. Pada added, “Mr. Houghton has and continues to provide financial support for the children at issue. Nothing in the filing by the Texas State Attorney General states or alleges otherwise.”

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New measure: no child support, no vehicle registration

The Texas Attorney General has crafted a new measure saying that parents who have not paid child support for six months will not be able to renew their vehicle registration.

Lubbock resident and family law attorney Christina Woods said the new measure could create more problems than it solves. Woods recognizes the fact that a lot of parents want to establish a relationship with their children even after a divorce, but sometimes personal problems make it impossible for them to pay child support on time. She noted, “You can lose a really good job and then end up behind the ball.” Another criticism of the new measure is that parents who are behind on their payments can enter into a payment plan with the agency, which could make the entire court order pointless, Woods said.

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Federal government freezes funds for improvement of TX child support system

The Office of Attorney General Ken Paxton, Jr. has disclosed on Friday, December 4 that the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement has paused payments to Texas’ program of upgrading its child-support data system until its officials can be convinced that the upgrades are on track.

In a letter to Legislative Budget Board director Ursula Parks, Deputy Attorney General Maria Friesen said the federal government has halted payments to multinational consulting and technology company Accenture, and that payments will only resume once the company has submitted a “corrective action plan” that will ensure the Texas child-support data system project will be effective.

Friesen said the upgrade was much needed and that not doing so “would have resulted in runaway development costs, overly complex systems, increased maintenance costs, and significant delays” far into the future.

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Chris Brown contests child support amount, stops paying it

Entertainment news network TMZ’s sources reported that 26-year-old hip-hop recording artist Chris Brown has stopped fulfilling his child support obligations to former model Nia Guzman for their baby, Royalty.

According to the sources, Guzman requested $15,000 a month, which is when Brown stopped paying.

According to TMZ, Brown has been paying Guzman $2,500 a month for child support, but he stopped fulfilling his obligation in March due to the extreme demands for more money.

According to reports, Guzman plans to file a complaint requesting back payments and an increase in the monthly child support. Currently, she and the baby are living in Texas.

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Texas man paid child support for 13 years, proves child was not his

Houston resident Willie Carson has finally been able to release himself from parental responsibility and child support after 13 years, now that Texas courts allow DNA testing as admissible evidence.

Texas law has recently accepted DNA evidence in court to terminate parental rights, a newly approved amendment to the system. Carson does not have to continue to pay child support going forward, but Texas regulations stipulate that, even after parental rights are terminated, that does not release the party from paying former debts. This means Carson will have to still pay back child support to the tune of $21,000 for a child that is not biologically his. There is currently no system in place to compensate a party in Texas who was erroneously ordered to pay child support.

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Mathew Knowles sued for paternity a second time

Sixty-three-year-old Mathew Knowles, the father and former manager of Beyoncé, may now be obligated to pay child support to 30-year-old TaQuoya Branscomb, former lingerie model, after a DNA test proved his paternity.

Knowles was reportedly ordered by a judge in Houston to undergo the test after Branscomb claimed that he was the father as a result of a tryst in 2010 lead to the conception of their son. This would have taken place very soon after Tina Knowles filed for divorce from Mathew Knowles, also in 2010. Mr. Knowles is already paying child support to Alexsandra Wright for their young child.

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Waco ISD board member owes over $45,000 in child support

Forty-two-year-old Colbert Murphy, who had been elected on Saturday, May 10 to the Waco, Texas Independent School District board, was found to have an outstanding debt of $45,000 in child support fees owed to Sartisse Washington, a woman he had an affair with 19 years ago, WacoTrib.com reported on May 14.

Murphy responded that his position and his personal life are completely separate entities, that “my issue with the attorney general’s office has nothing to do with my position on the school board.” He claimed that his personal issues will not affect his performance serving as a school board official.

The attorney general’s office placed a lien on Murphy’s assets in July 2013 amounting to $43,238 which has grown in arrears to $45,055, records from the county court showed.

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Trace and Rhonda Atkins seek divorce

Country singer, Trace Adkins, and his wife, Rhonda, have recently announced plans to divorce.

On Tuesday, March 25 Rhonda filed for divorce in Williamson County, Tennessee, citing “irreconcilable differences.” The couple was married in 1997 and have three daughters. According to documents obtained by a media outlet, Rhonda is seeking primary residential custody, child support, and alimony from Adkins.

Adkins reportedly checked himself into a rehabilitation center in January for drug use after years of sobriety. The singer left rehab after learning of news that his father was dying. Adkins then checked himself back in to the center to conclude his treatment after his father passed away.

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