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NPO encourages passage of equal parenting bill in Texas

With Father’s Day celebration just ended, National Parents Organization board member and Texas resident Robert Franklin encouraged state residents to ask their congressmen or congresswomen to vote for the equal parenting bill that will be presented in the state legislature in the coming legislative session, the Victoria Advocate reported on June 20.

Many other courts have taken this route, which would discourage the tendency to award a mother sole custody of their children. The NPO cites studies that say that children do best when both parents remain involved in his or her life.

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Wife of Angels player shocked by divorce petition

Baseball player for the Los Angeles Angels, Joshua Hamilton, filed for divorce from his wife in Tarrant County, apparently to her complete shock, the Dallas Morning News reported on April 20.

Katie Hamilton told entertainment news network TMZ Sports that there was no catalyst for the divorce filing, she wasn’t expecting it and, “I never cheated on my husband.” Likewise, Katie said she would continue to support her husband.

Despite her alleged continued support, Katie did reject the divorce petition he filed, which included over 30 specific requests. Included in the list was disallowing Katie from using a Maserati and 1972 Chevrolet Blazer in his possession, forbidding her from hiding their children from him, and prohibiting her from speaking disparagingly about him and his family.

According to reports, he is currently allowed to see his children only on supervised visits, and Hamilton is not allowed to visit three of the couple’s properties.

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