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Bieber sought hearing postponement in Florida DUI case

Famous pop singer recently requested Miami court to postpone his upcoming hearing for a DUI and other charges in May, Keene Star News reported on April 22.

The legal counsel of the 20-year-old musician filed a motion on April 21 to reschedule the trial that was set on May 5, in order to receive more preparation time. The incident occurred on Jan. 23 at Miami Beach. Besides being charged for driving under the influence, Bieber also resisted arrest and possessed an expired driver’s license. Additionally, authorities found evidence that illegal drugs were in his system at the time of his arrest.

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Ex-NBA player arrested for DUI

Former Phoenix Suns basketball star, Tom Chambers was apprehended by the Scottsdale Police on Saturday, December 7 due to suspicion of driving under the influence.

A trooper saw a Chamber’s vehicle weaving in and out of a bike lane. Upon being pulled over, Chambers managed to avoid a field sobriety test but agreed to a blood alcohol test.

Chambers apologized to the National Basketball Association and his fans for his arrest.

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