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More divorces happen in March than any other month

Many couples would be surprised to learn that March is the biggest month for divorce of the entire year, but data proves it’s true, FOX 26 reported on March 16.

Divorce activity commencing in January peaks in March. One reason couples may wait until the new year to divorce is because divorcing after December 31 guarantees that the couple can file “Married filing jointly” on their tax return, which is more beneficial than filing “Single.” Similarly, a couple is likely to be more sensitive of the holiday season and the familial aspect that entails.

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“Real Housewife” Adrienne Maloof finalizes divorce with husband

Adrienne Maloof and facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Paul Nassif released a joint statement on Thursday, August 29 saying that their long divorce has been finalized, People magazine reported.

The former couple declared that they are committed to the wellbeing of their three children, and that they both have a role to fulfill in the children’s lives, noting, “our first priority is our children’s well-being and happiness.”

Maloof and Nassif filed for divorce in August 2012 after publicly declaring their separation one month prior. The “Real Housewife” and her former husband reached an initial settlement in November 2012.

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Lawson-Saatchi divorce decree granted in 70-second hearing

British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson and advertising magnate-multimillionaire art collector Charles Saatchi were granted a divorce decree nisi after 10 years of marriage in a 70-second court proceeding at the London high court on July 31. The couple will now have to wait about six weeks for a decree absolute to finalize their divorce.

Public rumors about their impending divorce started circulating after newspapers published photographs of the couple having an argument at a terrace restaurant in May, with Saatchi holding Lawson by the throat. Saatchi nixed public outcry about the photograph, saying it was merely a “playfull tiff” between a married couple.

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Wife of man involved in murder of North Texas prosecutors files for divorce

The wife of the man indicted with capital murder in connection to the murder of two North Texas prosecutors is seeking divorce from her husband.

According to The Dallas Morning News, Kim Williams, who along with her husband has been charged with murder for allegedly killing Kaufman County Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse, District Attorney Mike McLelland, and McLelland’s wife Cynthia, filed for divorce Thursday, June 27, from former justice of the peace Eric Williams.

Police authorities arrested the Williams in April and named them the primary suspects in the death of the prosecutors and one civilian, with prosecutors saying that the crime was orchestrated to gain revenge on McLelland and Hasse for the part they played in Williams’ conviction for stealing county computer equipment.

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