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Ex-Wife of Hospital Founder Seeks $400,000 per Month in Divorce Settlement

Alicia Stephenson, ex-wife of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s founder, is seeking a hefty divorce settlement of $400,000 per month to maintain her current lifestyle. Her testimony sheds light on the nature of her debts, which includes hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees and taxes on her monthly maintenance.

The court officially finalized the messy divorce, which had a nine-year long legal process, but the former couple has yet to agree upon a financial settlement. Stephenson argues that she is entitled to the luxuries she had during her 18-year marriage, some of which include private jets, lavish parties, expensive vacations, household staff, and multiple homes. Part of her testimony revealed the various expenditures of her marriage, which she claims never had a financial cap. These items include expensive china, silverware, and crystals distributed throughout each of their many homes. Stephenson claimed that since the divorce, she had to live on limited funds compared to her living expenses during marriage. This has led to credit card debt and a struggle to obtain a loan for the purchase of a new 2017 Audi Q7.

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Wife of Angels player shocked by divorce petition

Baseball player for the Los Angeles Angels, Joshua Hamilton, filed for divorce from his wife in Tarrant County, apparently to her complete shock, the Dallas Morning News reported on April 20.

Katie Hamilton told entertainment news network TMZ Sports that there was no catalyst for the divorce filing, she wasn’t expecting it and, “I never cheated on my husband.” Likewise, Katie said she would continue to support her husband.

Despite her alleged continued support, Katie did reject the divorce petition he filed, which included over 30 specific requests. Included in the list was disallowing Katie from using a Maserati and 1972 Chevrolet Blazer in his possession, forbidding her from hiding their children from him, and prohibiting her from speaking disparagingly about him and his family.

According to reports, he is currently allowed to see his children only on supervised visits, and Hamilton is not allowed to visit three of the couple’s properties.

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Harold Hamm told to give ex-wife nearly $1B

Continental Resources chief executive officer Harold Glenn Hamm has been ordered by Oklahoma Special Judge Howard Haralson to give his ex-wife, 58-year-old Sue Ann, almost $1 billion  in one of the largest ever divorce judgments in the United States, a Reuters article reported on November 11.

Even though said amount has the potential to make Sue Ann Hamm among the 100 richest women in the United States, according to Forbes’ rankings, the award was less than what Sue Ann’s lawyers originally sought. Additionally, it will not require Harold Hamm to sell his Continental shares, of which he currently owns 68%.

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Popularity of collaborative divorces increases

Linda Solomon, a Dallas marriage counselor, recently mentioned that collaborative divorces are becoming increasingly popular. Collaborative divorces force couples to work together as opposed to working against one another. Solomon mentioned that a collaborative divorce can set a precedent for the ex-couple’s future cooperation.

Solomon says that if it is possible for couples to work together, all parties tend to benefit, including the couple’s children. Common issues that serve as sources of contention during divorce are property division, child custody, and alimony payments.

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Property division during a divorce

It is essential to know the basics of property division when going through the divorce process.

In California, Texas, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Louisiana, Idaho, Wisconsin, and New Mexico, divorcing couples are required to divide the property acquired during the marriage 50/50. However, assets that were given to a spouse as a gift during the marriage must remain solely with the recipient.

In all other states, the general rule is that the divorcing couple must split everything up according to “what is fair.” The divorce court determines the parameters for what is fair.

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