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Suspected drugstore robber arrested in Houston

Authorities in Harris County recently arrested a suspected male robber that had been linked to string of robberies in Houston and in other parts of Texas, an article from ABC 13 reported on August 26.

Reports said 50-year-old Nam Nguyen, 50, was arrested on August 25 for allegedly robbing a pharmaceutical store near Beltway. Charges related to the robbery were filed against Nguyen, who was convicted for the same offense in 2010. Nguyen reportedly used a fake gun and was believed to have robbed 36 pharmaceutical establishments in Houston before his arrest. Sergeant Ben Katrid stated that Nguyen robbed the stores after losing his money to gambling. He was also accused of sustaining his gambling by stealing money from his girlfriend.

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Man facing capital murder and other charges in Dallas

A man in Dallas is facing several charges, including capital murder, after he was arrested by Texas authorities in a high-speed chase, an article on inForney.com stated on March 28.

Dallas Police reportedly pursued Timothy Green after he fatally shot Christepher Mosley in a house on Cinnamon Oaks Drive. Police alleged that Green was robbing the house when the shooting happened. Green, who was apprehended by police in Van Zandt County, was charged with capital murder, escaping arrest, illegal possession of handgun and possession of a controlled substance. Authorities booked Green at the Dallas County Jail, and his bond was set at $500,000.

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Katt Williams and Suge Knight arrested for robbery allegation

Actor Katt Williams and rap mogul Suge Knight were arrested for allegedly stealing a woman’s camera from her person in Beverly Hills, UPI reported on October 29.

According to reports, the actor/comedian was apprehended in Los Angeles while the music producer was taken into custody in Las Vegas for robbery charges. Sergeant Max Subin of the Beverly Hills Police stated that Knight and Williams were suspected of taking the photographer’s camera by force after leaving a studio. The alleged female victim, who was not identified by authorities, reportedly suffered injuries. Several years of imprisonment may await Knight and Williams if they are found guilty of the charge.

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