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Suspected identity thieves in Abilene arrested

At least two individuals in Abilene are facing first degree aggravated identity theft charges after police suspected them of possessing personal information belonging to several people, news sources reported on November 2nd.

Reports said Abilene residents Herome Henderson, 49, and Jessie Houston, 30, were arrested for possessing the personal information of 50 people. Police reportedly apprehended the two suspects on La Salle Drive and North 10th Street.

Though police are still investigating the extent of the two individuals’ operation, authorities have stated that these arrests have nothing to do with the First Financial Bank ATM incident in which hundreds of consumers had money stolen from their accounts after their personal information had been stolen.

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Two suspected robbers apprehended in North Texas

Texas authorities recently arrested two men who they believe were responsible for robbing homes in Plano and other North Texas cities, an article on The Dallas Morning News reported February 14.

Coppell Police confirmed on Saturday that Corey Lee Caldwell, 42, and Winston Riden, 60, were both arrested on February 13. Caldwell and Riden were both charged with burglary of habitation. According to police spokesperson David Tilley, Caldwell, who is now being held in Carrollton, is believed to be responsible for the dozens of residential break-ins in some parts of North Texas including Plano. The robber has been dubbed the “Evening Burglar” as he or she would wait until the homeowner left and enter the premises usually around 6-9 at night.

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Organized bicycle theft results in charges across Texas

At least four individuals were recently charged for allegedly stealing bicycles throughout north and central Texas, KXAN reported on January 13.

Reports said theft related charges were filed against Jonathan Lee Oldham, 30, William David Wagner, 34, Kerry Scott Hendricks, 49, and charges were pending against Maya Symone Fisher, 20, for stealing an estimated $70,000 worth of bikes and bike parts. Police have already arrested the suspects, except for Fisher. The four were suspected of using fake IDs and fake credit cards to rent bicycles from bike shops. Instead of returning the bikes, the four suspects allegedly sold the stolen bikes online. Authorities in other parts of Texas where the suspects allegedly committed theft are also expected to file additional charges against them.

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