2 Primary Types of Identity Theft

With our ever-increasing dependence on and usage of the internet for shopping, making transactions (such as money transfers), managing our finances, and information distribution, identity theft has become a more prominent problem in the United States recently. Under state and federal law, there are two primary types of identity theft, both of which come with hefty penalties should a person be convicted of this crime.

Identity Theft Types

As defined under criminal law, there are really only two primary types of identity theft, which include:

  • Unauthorized acquisition of or transfer of information
  • Fraudulently using or possessing identifying information

Depending on which charge a person is facing, the penalties for conviction vary. For instance, fraudulently using another person’s information is always considered a federal felony. This means that a person convicted of this crime will automatically face harsher penalties. Other cases of identity theft are generally considered Class A or Class B misdemeanors, and have lesser penalties for anyone convicted of these offenses.

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