Drug Conspiracy

Conspiracy refers to the mutual agreement between two or more people to commit a crime. Drug conspiracies in particular happen when two or more people purchase, possess, harbor, or sell narcotics illegally. It is important to note that an individual can be convicted of criminal activity even if the crime itself was not carried out. Punishments that result from drug conspiracies depend on the level of involvement of an individual, as well as his or her intention to partake in criminal drug activity. It is sometimes difficult to judge whether an individual was involved in criminal drug activity because he or she may have participated unknowingly.

Elements of a Drug Conspiracy

Although levels of involvement may vary, there are three main elements that law enforcement officers consider when examining suspects for drug conspiracy.

  • Two or more people knowingly entered into an agreement to distribute drugs
  • The accused individual willingly and intentionally agreed to distribute drugs, before or after the actual crime took place
  • When the accused individual entered into the agreement, they knew and understood the purpose and intentions of the agreement

To be considered guilty of drug conspiracy, an individual must have intended to assist in the purchase, sale, or possession of illegal drugs. However, it is often the case that law enforcement officers disregard the intentionality of someone’s actions and simply arrested individuals for conspiring. In this situation, it can be critical to enlist an experienced criminal defense attorney to advocate for you.

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