Facing a Sex Crime Charge

A sex crime is a serious felony charge that can bring numerous troubling implications and serious consequences, especially if an individual is convicted of the crime. Aside from criminal charges, the repercussions at stake include loss of employment, professional licenses, and child custody. Such charges could occur if you are being charged with rape (sexual assault) or other existing sexual offenses such as statutory rape, oral sex, sexual abuse of a child, or sexual touching without consent. If you find yourself facing a sex crime charge, you will want to retain a defense attorney who can investigate the charges and explore the issues surrounding your case as soon as possible.

Why Hiring a Defense Attorney is Imperative

When you recruit an experienced criminal defense attorney to work on behalf of your case, you greatly increase your chances of softening the blow of your charge, reducing your sentence, or obtaining an acquittal. Defense attorneys who investigate rape charges will explore important details of the case, such as whether the victim is lying about what happened, if the victim intentionally or mistakenly identified the wrong person as the offender, whether or not you have an alibi, and whether evidence (fingerprints, DNA, photographs, videos) implies that the incident did not occur or that the defendant is not the person who committed the crime.

Contact Lewisville Alexander & Associates Criminal Lawyers

Without an experienced criminal defense attorney, you greatly decrease your chances of lessening your charges. Specialized defense attorneys are trained in understanding the particularities of your case and are aware of the potential defenses to different rape charges that can be explored. They are able to guide you through all of your legal rights, give you advice about communicating with the police or the prosecutor, represent you in the criminal proceedings, and help you decide between accepting a plea offer or going to trial. The criminal lawyers at Alexander & Associates are knowledgeable about the damages of a criminal record, and they are dedicated to working tirelessly to ensure that their clients’ rights and interests are fully protected under the law. If you are in need of a representative who can give you the most effective legal representation possible, the Lewisville Alexander & Associates lawyers can help. Call (972) 420-6560 to speak with a professional today.