Parameters for an Armed Robbery Conviction

A robbery committed with the use of a dangerous weapon is classified as an armed robbery. Consequences related to armed robbery are more severe than penalties connected to unarmed robbery. The chances of receiving jail time and large fines are much more likely for people who are convicted of such a crime. Fortunately for people that face such charges in Lewisville, the defense attorneys at Alexander & Associates understand that the prosecution must prove several key parameters in order for a conviction to occur.

Prosecution Must Prove

Even if someone is charged with armed robbery, they are not subject to the legal consequences until the following is proven:

  • The property in question was actually taken away from the premises
  • The person who took the property did not plan to return it
  • The threat of using a dangerous weapon was present
  • A dangerous weapon was used

If a legal defense team is able to disprove the occurrence of one or more of the aforementioned parameters, the occurrence of a conviction could be reduced dramatically.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in Lewisville

The attorneys at Alexander & Associates understand how seriously Lewisville courts treat armed robbery offenses. If convicted, someone could spend an extended amount of time in jail as well as owe large sums of money to the victims and court system. Our lawyers are experienced at building strong cases to defend our clients. If you are facing an armed robbery charge, contact our office at (972) 420-6560 to discuss your case with an attorney.