The Most Common Juvenile Traffic Violations

Traffic violations are common minor offenses that almost everyone is guilty of committing at some point in their life. While not always the case, these violations are more commonly committed by juveniles. This is due to a number of factors, including the fact that they are just beginning to learn how to drive and tend to be less careful than older drivers. There are a variety of traffic violations that people may find themselves in trouble for; however, there are certain types of traffic violations that juveniles tend to commit more often.

Although traffic violations do not typically result in extremely serious penalties, they can in certain situations. At Alexander & Associates, we know that any juveniles in Lewisville that have been charged with any traffic violation are likely worried about the repercussions. In order to alleviate some of this stress and worry, not to mention give the minor the best opportunity for avoiding serious penalties, many people choose to enlist the help of a legal professional to fight traffic violations.

6 Common Traffic Violations Committed by Juveniles

Of the many traffic violations that tend to be committed by juveniles, the ones that tend to be the most common include:

  • Excessive speed
  • Driving without one’s license / without a license
  • Aggressive driving / tailgating
  • DUI (driving under the influence)
  • DWI (driving while intoxicated)
  • Driving without insurance coverage

Fortunately, if your child is facing charges for these or other traffic violations, a lawyer can help you fight to protect their rights, interests, and future.

Contact a Juvenile Crime Defense Attorney in Lewisville

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