Types of Drug Crimes

According to state and federal laws, drug crimes are widely varied and, as such, are treated differently depending on the crime for which a person is convicted. In general, drug crimes are considered differently based on a person’s motivations, the amount and type of illegal substance involved, prior convictions, or damages caused in a crime. Depending on a particular person’s exact circumstances, courts will vary the penalty a person faces for their drug charges. In any situation, however, a person facing drug charges is likely to be facing serious penalties if convicted.

Different Classifications

Drug crimes are classified differently, according to state legal regulations. For example, the five clear categories of drug crimes that you could face include:

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Sales
  • Drug Manufacturing / Delivery
  • Drug Trafficking / Distribution
  • Drug Paraphernalia

All of these drug crimes carry different penalties should a person be convicted of the crime. In most cases, the penalties will include large financial penalties, amounting to as much as thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. They might also include prison time, varying from a few months to several years in prison, depending on the exact crime.

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