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Texas takes a hard line against assault and battery cases, enforcing stiff penalties on those who are convicted of such crimes. In some situations, the legal consequences for assault can be increased due to certain “enhancement factors,” such as targeting the elderly, public servants, and family members or domestic partners. Prosecutors are eager to move forward with cases against alleged assault perpetrators, but when faced with firm and effective legal defense, the prosecution will often find that a conviction is much more difficult to attain.

Domestic violence is treated as a serious crime in Texas, and if you have been charged with the assault of a domestic partner or family member, it is essential that you seek out quality representation in order to protect your legal rights and interests in and out of court. To learn more about your legal options and begin formulating an effective defense, contact the Lewisville domestic assault attorneys at Alexander & Associates today at (972) 420-6560.

Penalties for Domestic Assault

The penalties for assault in Texas are harsh, and it is important to understand what is at stake when you are facing these charges. While simple assault charges are typically misdemeanors, the penalties increase dramatically when the violence is committed against a family member or domestic partner. The consequences of domestic assault can include:

  • 3rd degree felony assault charges
  • Up to 10 years in prison
  • $10,000 in fines

In the case of aggravated domestic assault, defined as an assault against a family member or domestic partner with a weapon, or one in which serious injury is caused, the following penalties are possible:

  • 1st degree felony assault charge
  • 5 years to life imprisonment

Without the right legal representation, even minor alleged altercations can have serious, far-reaching repercussions.

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