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The Lewisville DWI lawyers at Alexander & Associates believe that while DWI is a completely preventable problem that deserves attention, it has become an extremely over-legislated area of concern in proportion to the number of injuries and accidents it leads to, and overzealous law enforcement officers are taking excessive steps to detain and charge individuals they suspect of driving under the influence of alcohol. While this has certainly reduced the frequency of drunk driving in the country and locally, it has also lead to a hugely increased number of people who have been unduly charged with infractions.

If you are facing DWI or DUI charges, it is essential that you take swift action to protect your rights and interests. To learn more about your legal options for defense and your rights regarding the charges you are facing, call an experienced Lewisville DWI lawyer from Alexander & Associates today at (972) 420-6560.

Types of DWI Charges

There are a number of different infractions that fall under the umbrella of drunk driving, and each can carry vastly different implications for you and your pending defense. At Alexander & Associates, we have experience in all manner of drunk driving representation, and can come to your defense in any of the following areas:

By working directly with you to form a legal approach uniquely tailored to your particular situation, our attorneys can effectively and efficiently help you deal with any DWI charges you may be facing.

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At Alexander & Associates, our legal team is dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients, and will work diligently to protect your interests following a DWI charge. For a free consultation to discuss the details of your case with an experienced Lewisville DUI attorney, call us today at (972) 420-6560.