Lewisville Juvenile Drug Crimes Lawyers

Unfortunately, with the prevalence of drugs and alcohol in the media, many teens and juveniles are more likely to experiment with these substances. Even just one instance of using an illicit drug can result in serious consequences for a juvenile, especially if they are charged and convicted with a juvenile drug crime. Though juveniles are given the chance to change their behavior and can later have their record sealed, even one conviction of a drug crime can have immediate repercussions on their life.

The attorneys at Alexander & Associates understand that juveniles in Lewisville make mistakes, and we don’t want you or your child to pay the serious penalties that often accompany a drug crime. With the help of a defense attorney, you or your child might be able to have this offense dismissed or the repercussions lessened, something that can be critical to you or your child’s future.

Drug Crime Charges for Juveniles

There are many different types of drug crimes that can be levied against a juvenile offender. Some of the most common include:

  • Possession of controlled substances
  • Buying / selling drugs
  • Distribution of drugs
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

Although similar to drug crimes and charges committed by adults, the penalties that juveniles face if convicted are different. Typically, juveniles, especially those who are first offenders, are given probation and community service. Additionally, they have the opportunity to seal or expunge their record later in life if they do not make further mistakes.

Discuss Juvenile Drug Crimes with a Defense Attorney in Lewisville

If your child is being charged with a drug crime in Lewisville, it’s important that he or she have an experienced, compassionate, and aggressive defense lawyer protecting their rights and future. Talk with our criminal defense lawyers at Alexander & Associates today about how we can help defend your child by calling (972) 420-6560.