Lewisville Juvenile Sexual Assault Lawyers

Just as with adults, sexual assault charges can be very serious for juveniles. Although the charge will likely be handled in a juvenile court, the penalties can have long-term consequences that last well into a convicted child’s adulthood. As such, regardless of the circumstances behind the charge, any juvenile facing a sexual assault offense needs qualified and experienced legal representation. At Alexander & Associates, our team believes that juveniles in Lewisville accused of sexual assault deserve a defense team that understand the serious implications of this charge and know how to aggressively fight it.

Penalties for Juvenile Sexual Assault

Texas has strict laws regarding sex crimes, like sexual assault. Sexual assault can be broadly understood as some type of sexual act being forced upon another person and is considered juvenile sexual assault if committed by someone under the age of 17. The penalties for a conviction of juvenile sexual assault may be severe, and include:

  • Registration as a Sex Offender
  • Restraining Orders / Probation
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Juvenile Detention

The most common penalty for conviction is sex offender registration, which can have the most negative effect, especially if it stays on your child’s record forever. It can even affect his or her ability to get into school or to find a job later.

Contact a Sexual Assault Attorney in Lewisville

If your child is facing charges of sexual assault, having an aggressive and strong defense is critical. Learn more about your legal position, legal options, and about mounting a defense today by contacting the experienced attorneys of Alexander & Associates at (972) 420-6560. Our legal team is devoted to helping juveniles avoid convictions that can have lifelong consequences.