Lewisville Juvenile Shoplifting Defense Lawyer

Although anyone can face shoplifting charges, it is more commonly an issue with juveniles. As defined by the law, a person must remove an item or multiple items from a commercial store with the intention of not paying for it in order to be charged with shoplifting. Although shoplifting charges are not as serious as many other crimes that juveniles can commit, largely due to the ambiguity of intent in certain situations, no juvenile wants to be convicted of this crime, which can still carry serious penalties depending on the circumstances. As such, working with a skilled legal professional in such a situation can be critical.

Potential Penalties for Shoplifting

The penalties for shoplifting convictions depend on several factors, including the number of previous offenses a person has, and the amount and type of property that has been taken. Generally speaking, the penalties for shoplifting might include:

  • Fines, sometimes up to thousands of dollars
  • Time in a juvenile correction center
  • Community service
  • Mandatory electronic monitoring

Because many juvenile crimes are first offenses, many defendants in these situations often face lighter penalties if convicted. However, in more serious circumstances, a juvenile could be facing much more stringent penalties, especially if they are close to the juvenile age limit of 18.

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